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Plug In Prius Information


The new 2012 Plug In Prius will get a new GREEN California Carpool sticker good until 2015 (DMV link ). Green CAV decals will be issued to the first 40,000 applicants that purchase or lease cars meeting California’s Enhanced Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (Enhanced AT PZEV) requirements. Vehicles qualifying for this new CAV decal will be added to ARB’s website. For more information, visit  You will need a VIN # and permanent license plate number to complete the $8 form.

FORM is here :

  1. California REBATE $1,500:

The CVRP Just approved for $1500 rebate from California ( while the pool lasts) and  added the Plugin to the list of eligible vehicles . File as soon as you get your car to make certain there is still money there.


  1. IRS Tax Credit $2,500: There is a $2500 tax credit for the year you purchased the car (so you would have to file your 2012 taxes and owe money):,,id=219867,00.html,,id=252706,00.html for Toyota


  1. Updated MPG numbers  for the  plug-in model at an improved 95 mpge, while the regular hybrid drive operation has increased one mpg to 50. (article)

  2. Plug In Prius Owners Manual from PriusChat (link may change- use article #26):





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